Is it Possible to Earn Money on TikTok and How to Do That?

TikTok is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian users, and more than 10 million people visit it every day. Many users have already gained special popularity and have an impressive number of followers. Accordingly, having a big database of people, everyone would like to receive at least a small profit from it, so the corresponding question arises: can you make money on Tik Tok? Today we will talk about possible ways of monetizing your account.


  • Advertising on TikTok
  • How to make money on your account TikTok
  • Where to find people interested in advertising?
  • Earnings on other social networks using TikTok

Advertising on TikTok

At first, account development, everyone thinks about how to get lots of fans on Tik Tok. But while the platform provides equal opportunities for the everyone’s development, and after overcoming the 1000 followers level, people start thinking about earning money.

Although the video platform resembles a social network, it is still more of an application, that is, only project creators can advertise on. We remind you that the rules prohibit direct links in the descriptions of posts. The developers have not created conditions for earning from the popularity of the channel, as it is organized, for example, on YouTube. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to earn on TikTok. There are ways that help convert popularity into money.

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How to make money on your account TikTok

If there is an interested audience, we would assume that you are already the owner of a potential profit. All that remains is to find people interested in promoting their accounts. This can be both ordinary users of social networks who dream of becoming popular, and those who want to increase sales.

Perhaps you have already seen the type of advertising where a blogger advertises another blogger’s feed. In the case of TikTok, the situation is similar. Set a fixed price and write in the profile that you provide such services.

Where to find people interested in advertising?

The very best platform for promoting services will be TikTok, as there are many people who want to promote their accounts. Make a test video and put it on the page so that people can see what their ad will look like.

Post your services on other social networks or make post on ad sites (Avito, HH, etc.). Specify in the description the number of followers, views on video and other indicators that will be of interest to the customers. Just do not overcharge at the beginning. You need to see the level of satisfaction from customers, and then draw a conclusion: take more or less money for your services.

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Earnings on other social networks using TikTok

Unlike TikTok, other social platforms have ways to monetize your account. Take YouTube for example. There, the channel owner can earn on their videos by displaying ads from Google Ads on them. Therefore, from TikTok, you can redirect people to your account on other social networks and earn money there. Many popular “TikTokers” do just that. Since on the platform, it is possible to officially attach links to your profiles on other platforms (Instagram, YouTube) to the profile.

In the future, the developers promise to realize the possibility of monetizing a TikTok account, but for now you have to be happy about what we have.