Interesting Dances on TikTok

One of the ways how to get lots of followers on Tik Tok is to create interesting music and dance content. Your videos should be not only high quality, but also quite funny. Today, the majority of users first of all evaluate humor, and only then the technique of movements, artistry, and so on. But despite the importance of this component, we should not forget about the dances.


  • How to move correctly
  • Boogie-woogie
  • Modern dances
  • Listening to the music
  • Conclusion

How to move correctly

One of the important features of any dance is movement. If we are not talking about some experimental directions, like breaking, any dance should be smooth. It does not have to be slow, but all movements must be combined and smoothly flow from one to another. This creates a very harmonious picture. The impression of a natural dance. Overall impression increases significantly. This will positively affect the distribution of your video. You can learn about viewing statistics through the information page. Many people ask today: can you see who shared your Tik Tok video? With this feature, you can find out who distributes your videos, how popular they are and determine which video to shoot next.

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One of the interesting dances is boogie-woogie. Be sure to pay attention to the movements and pace. Today this direction is already somewhat forgotten and does not collect a large number of views. However, with the right pitch, you will have every chance to gather a lot of spectators and cheer people up. This is a great way to promote your account.

Modern dances

Despite the large number of TikTok users who distribute videos with modern dances, we should not forget about this trend. The fact is that the amount of quality content on this topic is minimal. It is necessary to carefully study this direction and you may be able to create something new that will make a positive impression on followers, as well as increase the likelihood of their growth.

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Listening to the music

The most important component of dance is not movements, as it may seem to beginners, but the music. The right choice of music for dancing provides more than half of the desired effect. It is also very important that the dancer listens and hears the music. Moving to the rhythm is always more spectacular than just moving. If the dance harmoniously falls on the musical composition, then it is much more interesting to watch this spectacle. That is why it is very important to choose the right music for your dance on TikTok.


In order for your TikTok account to show a steady growth, it is very important to spend time working out all the subtleties. You must do everything possible so that viewers notice the level of your training. Then you can get more viewers and collect more positive reviews.