How to Use YouTube to Earn Money on Instagram

Instagram allows to post not only your own publications, but also videos and photos from other social networks. For example, many bloggers use YouTube. You need to know how to post videos from YouTube to Instagram in order to attract new followers. YouTube is also a popular app around the world. The popularity of YouTube and Instagram is increasing every day. Many bloggers use these services to earn money. But in order to earn income, you need to have active profiles in these social networks. Various methods are used to increase the rating, some of which are absolutely free. But sometimes it is better to make small financial investments in order to start earning faster.


• What from YouTube can be posted on Instagram

• Stories on Instagram

• What videos are popular on Instagram

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What from YouTube can be posted on Instagram

Some users shoot their videos and publish them to the accounts of these social networks. But you can synchronize two accounts and post the same information in them. Some bloggers are cropping videos for Instagram to attract attention to their video hosting channel. The duration of the video on Instagram is one minute. But in one post you can add several frames, or use the IGTV function. It is also important to know how to add music to videos on Instagram. This can be done using special apps from PlayMarket or AppStore stores. These apps are absolutely free for owners of smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. And in order to choose the appropriate one, it is better to read the reviews of other users of the phone program store in advance.

Stories on Instagram

In addition to the standard posting of videos in the news feed, some users use the story feature. These short videos are loved by many Instagrammers. In addition, with their help, you can increase the rating of your account due to the increased number of views in the Story. Stories allow to shoot short videos, the duration of which is 15 seconds. But you can film an unlimited number of stories, as many popular Instagram users do. When shooting these videos in the app, there are various functions that allow to shoot original and funny videos. Stories are a great opportunity to promote an account on Instagram. In addition, using this function, you can post videos from your channel to YouTube, thereby attracting the attention of new viewers in video hosting.

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What videos are popular on Instagram

Before shooting a video, you need to determine its style. Like Instagram posts, videos can be of various types: informational, selling, and entertaining. Very popular are the entertaining videos that need to be published not only in a personal blog, but also in a business account. Informational videos are also useful, especially if there is a goal to sell your goods or services through an Instagram account. And selling videos, as well as texts help not only to promote your goods or services, but also to earn money from advertising other people’s products.

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In order to receive a stable income, it is important to properly develop your Instagram account. It is necessary to attract the attention of new followers and constantly work on your profile. To save time, experienced bloggers recommend contacting specialists to promote personal pages on the social networks. The All-SMM service is very popular. The specialists of this service in a short time and at a bargain price help to significantly increase the number of views and reposts of videos, thereby attracting the attention of new followers.