How to Use TikTok Features

TikTok can work on a smartphone, laptop, tablet or a desktop computer. This software product, despite some limitations, has a number of unique features, such as Tik Tok repeating sound effects, raindrop, black eye sockets, changes in the proportions of the face or symmetry.


  • How to create effects on TikTok
  • How to shoot a video with the effects
  • Filters on TikTok
  • Opportunities of TikTok
  • Sound effects
  • Conclusion

How to create effects on TikTok

To create an effect on TikTok, just tap the “+” icon in the application on the left. The drop-down menu will show all the possibilities of changes in the video. For the ease of use, the developers have created 5 tabs:

  • Dance: to create the so popular in the app video of Tik Tok video girls dance, use this particular group of effects.
  • Cats: pets are so loved in the network, the developers even presented a separate category of the effects with the whiskers, ears and cat masks.
  • AR – 3D effects.
  • Trending: popular effects of rain, water, aging, big eyes, etc.
  • Filters: less popular effects, not included in the Trending category.

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How to shoot a video with the effects

To do this, open the program and tap the “+” button. Then, tap the effects icon and select the desired filter. If the effect is not downloaded to the application, tap “download”. The resulting video can be edited after shooting, music imposed and effects added.

Filters on TikTok

To add filters to the video, tap the clock icon on the left. The range of TikTok filters is quite big: Soul (divergence of body contours), flash, shaking, noise in the form of stripes, zoom, blur with color change, etc. Filters can be applied simultaneously or alternately, there are no restrictions.

Opportunities of TikTok

  • Ability of the music portal to adapt to the requests of its members, selecting materials according to their preferences.
  • The application allows to duplicate, cut and glue your videos online.
  • It is possible to add videos from popular movies, shows to your videos.
  • Big database of emoji, effects, masks and filters.

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Sound effects

To change the video fragment, you can apply various sound effects to it. These can be popular songs offered by the application, audio tracks from your smartphone, and recordings of phrases from the movies, TV shows or programs. The use of audio tracks allows to increase the interest in the video and, accordingly, increase the views.


If one can use all the features of TikTok, filters, effects, the function of adding or removing fragments, etc., the members of the music community can create unique and interesting content. Fans of video creativity have received a multifunctional tool allowing to implement any ideas.