How to Get to TikTok Recommendations

Every day, the Chinese social network TikTok is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian population. It is especially relevant among the teenagers who are constantly shooting various videos. But even with the great activity it is very difficult to break through into the recommendations, where mostly only the top channels are located. Accordingly, the question arises how to get famous on Tik Tok and gain a sufficient number of followers.


  • What to pay attention to
  • Profile name and description
  • Appearance and behavior in the videos
  • Hashtags are the key to success
  • Video criteria
  • Originality of the video
  • Matching music
  • Image quality
  • Other tips

What to pay attention to

Probably every video network user wants to gain followers Tik Tok. But to make the dream come true, you need to pay attention to every detail.

Profile name and description

It may seem that this item is not particularly important, but think immediately about how you will be called in the future and how easy it will be to find you by the nickname. In other words, when even a small popularity comes, your name will become a brand. Also it should display the content topic.

It is better to do not a long description, because it can scare off a person who would like to follow you.

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Appearance and behavior in videos

Be sure to check tidiness and appearance before shooting. Stylish clothes and fashion make-up is another step towards the fame.

Users appreciate the confidence in the videos, so you should not be afraid and present material charismatically. Also do not forget about the positivity.

Hashtags are the key to success

Hashtags must be there in the texts to the posts. They can be either trending or thematic, fitting the subject of the channel. In the feed of recommendations, there often appear current trends, so always follow them.

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Video criteria

Content is the most important thing on TikTok. Of course, the popularity of the account depends on it. We draw attention to the following parameters:

Originality of the video

If you have any talents or are creative, then create an original video, not like others. Now many people are making content for a carbon copy, but look at the famous bloggers and see that they have original material. Stand out from the crowd and bring something new.

Matching music

TikTok has a special difference from other social networks, because the content is built not just on video, but on music videos. Accordingly, music is an integral part of all posts. It is necessary to carefully select the musical accompaniment to the video so that it complements the picture. Here we also recommend paying attention to the trends.

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Image quality

No one forces you to use a professional equipment for recording videos, but if you have it, why not use it? It is better not to post the material on the page in poor quality, because these are noncompetitive posts.

Other tips

In addition to the properly configured profile and good content, you also need to remember about the activity and frequency of posting. It will be optimal to upload 1 video per day. The best time is considered the interval from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Try to interact with your followers. Look at their accounts and comment or put likes to their material. Another interaction is the answers to the questions in live streaming.

  • Participate in challenges;
  • Live stream;
  • Collaborate with other bloggers;
  • Promote the video in other social networks.

All these actions will help to get a decent amount of followers and likes you in a short time.

Be active, post high quality material and your success will not take long.